Mentoring You Get From The World For Free

In October 2016 I joined a Mentoring & Networking programme called ‘Evolve’ created by ‘EWL Club UK’. It is a mentoring scheme not only set up for Event Students, Graduates and Newbies to the industry but for everyone who would like to expand their network and interact with like-minded professionals.

I got paired with the incredible and lovely Robert Dunsmore (a successful man not owning business cards, no more explanation needed!). We started this journey in October and it will be one for life. Robert, of course, is influencing and inspiring me, that is his role as a mentor. I am aware when things work out as I am looking for it. I tried something he told me to do and was successful with it. If you would ask him though he would argue that saying it is all just me. He would never tell me what to do, he just gives guidance and get the best out of me. Thank you!

As this scheme is designed to create multiple connections and cross over between mentors and mentee, knowledge is being passed on in various directions. Me as a mentee presenting other mentees as well as mentors with my knowledge is closing the circle of 360° influencing and mentoring.

Joining this programme made me think. Who else influences me without me being aware of it and noticing at the time. We take inspiration from the smallest things in our everyday life; that’s what makes us creative. It’s what drives us as event professionals. Making things possible others dream about by using the everyday ordinary and giving it a spectacular twist.

To answer my questions of who and what is influencing me, to be honest everything and everyone is. Whatever we do no matter how small, it is getting noticed and picked up on. Everything we do is getting seen…one way or another! But do those people who do it know? No, because we never tell them.

What does mentoring give us? It is not getting us anywhere or leading us to certain things; it is not making us better than others, or is it? Mentoring someone successfully gives a feeling of accomplishment, the same way as having achieved it ourselves does. Guiding others and allowing them to see an unfamiliar perspective is making us grateful. Mentoring triggers something in them, as well as in you!

We learn something on a regular basis, either about ourselves, others or the world. All this gives you the chance to influence, by sharing; it is as simple as that.

“Most importantly it is then to share it” – Madeleine Johnson.

Spread your knowledge as much as you can. What are you afraid of? That someone else will be better and succeed when you failed so many times?! Then let it be. Be proud and honoured they succeeded because of you and learn from it in return.

We need to learn again to support each other and not hate and bring each other down. The human race is made to grow together and as we say so often to children: Sharing is caring!

About the Author

Kim Goetze is a newbie event professional, an event miracle worker, and one of the founding mentees on the Evolve Programme having been with us since our October 2016 launch. Kim sits on the Evolve advisory board assisting and advising new mentees, offering her valuable support and experience.

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