Talent Development

Here at the Evolve Programme we don’t believe in the one size fits all approach to talent development and understand that a more flexible approach can free you to pursue your own growth and future steps.

We have evolved the traditional mentoring model by taking advantage of the many ways to grow individuals. We believe this benefits all, from top to bottom and right across the events industry, and we offer you the following to truly accelerate and evolve your career:

Traditional 1:2:1 Mentoring

Traditional one to one mentoring whereby you will be matched to a mentor for a minimum six months period and in a more formal and structured format, an opportunity to build a valuable relationship with a more experienced peer, who can provide perspective on your role, career and situation

Group Mentoring

Here you will be meeting with multiple mentors and multiple mentees together in a group setting. Although structured as a group, learning is still individual and you will work on your own unique needs and development goals

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Micro Mentoring

A more informal and casual form of mentoring, usually via social media ie. Twitter and LinkedIn rather than more formal face to face and an opportunity for you to have multiple mentors at the same time dependant on your needs

Reverse Mentoring (Co-mentoring)

Where more experienced professionals are mentored by younger less experienced professionals in the industry on topics such as technology and social media as well as current and emerging trends, an opportunity for you to mentor the top

1:2:1 Coaching

Coaching is short term task based support and develops skills for challenges and performance aspects in your career, simply let us know the skills you are looking to acquire and we will match you to the right coach

Group Coaching

Similar to group mentoring but in a coaching environment, so you will meet with multiple coaches and multiple trainees whilst still working on your own individual development needs and goals

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Sponsor Support

A good sponsor can spot talent and potential and often before you will spot these qualities in yourself. They will offer guidance and critical feedback, will make high level introductions and speak up on your behalf. We will help you to connect to the right sponsor as we agree with the quote “you need someone with power to lean in with you”


An opportunity for you to pick up valuable new skills and experience whilst on the programme, whether that be back of house or on the front line at an event, we’ll have numerous volunteering opportunities throughout the year for you to get your teeth stuck into

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